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What is NY HOST?

NY HOST (New York Healthcare Online Shopping Tool) is a healthcare planning tool for New York State residents that is currently being developed by FAIR Health. This phased pilot project, which is funded by the not-for-profit New York State Health Foundation, will give users of the FAIR Health Consumer Cost Lookup tool information on physicians, hospitals and other healthcare providers in their neighborhoods who can provide some of the healthcare services or procedures they are researching on the FAIR Health site. This provider-specific information will include charge-related information; information on a physician’s training, office hours, etc.; and references to national, state and other established quality tools pertaining to both individual providers and hospitals. NY HOST also will offer educational resources that help explain how health insurance works.

Who will be eligible to use NY HOST? Will there be a fee?

NY HOST will be available free of charge to all New York State residents.

What will NY HOST enable me to do?

If you live in New York State, you will be able to use NY HOST to shop for and compare healthcare providers in your region based on certain practice attributes and information about various quality measures. It will also give you specific  price information pertaining to certain providers and hospitals which would be relevant if you are seeking out-of-network care, average “allowed” amounts in the relevant area in case you are calculating your costs against your deductible, and cost information related to the full “episode” for a number of common procedures (e.g., hip and knee replacements). 

By entering the zip code where you are seeking care and selecting from procedures most frequently performed in New York State, you will be able to access:

  • The estimated amount providers charge for that procedure;
  • The average amount insurance companies generally reimburse for the procedure, based on common  health plan provisions; and
  • A list of providers in the selected zip code who offer the procedure, with price data and information about quality;
  • A list of hospitals for targeted geographic areas in this pilot project;
  • Average price information on certain “bundled” scenarios dependent on the procedure selected.

When will NY HOST be available?

NY HOST is a phased pilot program. After an initial period during which FAIR Health will gather information from healthcare consumers, we will develop the NY HOST site. We expect to pilot the first phase of the website, including quality and attribute information for a subset of providers, in mid-2017. The second phase of the website—the introduction of pricing data—will be launched in 2018.

How can I find out more about NY HOST?

Sign up for updates here.